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15 Unique Red Packet Designs Inspirations for CNY

red packet designs

On the search for red packet design inspirations for your brand? Check out some of our highly raved projects done in 2021! From unique paper materials to print enhancing effects, each red packet is a work of art.


Mandai Wildlife Reserves

Bringing the Zoo to you today! Inspired by the mission of Mandai Wildlife Reserves which is to provide meaningful and memorable wildlife experiences, a whole new kind of interactive red packet was born. With the goal in mind to delight young children, an environmentally friendly animal-themed red packet that can be transformed into fun DIY stick puppets with movable heads is created.


red packet designs

Luxurious, feminine, and not forgetting a hint of Japanese undertones, this set of red packet designs seriously cannot get more distinctively Shiseido!

The oriental mystique behind this high-end cosmetic brand was a huge inspiration for the design. Drawing from Japanese and Oriental influences, the illustration combines auspicious motifs commonly found in both cultures, such as the Tsubaki and Peony flowers.

Finishing off with a blend of premium fabric materials, detailed embroidery techniques on the birds, and a feminine colour palette, this is a classy and timeless design that will stand the test of time.

VP Bank

Just like the distinguished clientele at VP boutique private bank, their branded red packet designs are dressed to impress. Made from our FSC starlight paper that gives off a subtle shimmery effect, coupled with a fancy laser die-cut sleeve adorned with intricate floral designs, this set of red packets come in 2 sizes – a charming red pocket square and a traditional long gold envelope.

Chubb Insurance

abstract red packet design

Did you notice how the abstract broad brushstrokes come together to form familiar CNY elements? How many can you spot? A joyful reminder of the festivities of life, this abstract set of custom red packet designs which we’ve hand-drawn for Chubb Insurance has never failed to put a smile on our faces and pride in our hearts.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Inspired by the bespoke investment solutions that Columbia Threadneedle Investments offer to their clients, this set of custom red packet designs was specially tailored made for the brand.

From a unique pop-up mechanism where you get surprised by a pair of auspicious sparrows to the incorporation of the brand colour (blue), this set of hand-assembled red packets could not get more customized than that.

Domino's Pizza

custom red packet design

Here’s one for the pizza fans out there! This tantalizing set of red packet designs from one of our favourite pizza brands, Domino’s Pizza serves up not one but 4 “slices” of their yummy pizza – each with different special toppings.


custom red packet design

Just look at these adorable mini-Bruno hotplate custom red packets, doesn’t that just tempt you to get one right now? If you are looking for a sign from the universe, this is it! Kudos to our team who managed to replicate the sleek red and pink of the ACTUAL hotplates so that the red (and pink) packets look almost exactly like the real thing – except for being pocket-sized!


red packet design

With an attention to detail second to none, coming from the hospitality industry, Oakwood’s CNY red packet set and packaging is all about subtlety. The understated motif design is inspired by the signature hanging lights in their flagship restaurant se7enth – a key detail that guests in the know would recognize at a glance - aligning this red packet design to the brand's physical structures.

Pacific Light

red packet printing, red packet design, custom red packet

Featuring 6 different scenes of family reunion settings, illustrated by our designers, it brings up heart-warming memories that we shared with our families during CNY. A truly unique and meaningful theme as reunion dinners are especially important to many families and it weights heavily in the hearts of many when we are unable to gather during covid times.


red packet designs

Keeping in line with the minimalist look of their flagship Galaxy phones, Samsung opted for a clean and sleek look for their 2022 red packet designs and CNY packaging to usher in the new year.

With an understated Chinese emblem, hot stamped in gold front and centre, and subtle spot UV lines as accents, and made from superior Handfeel paper, the complete set of red packets, box, and paper bags provide a premium unboxing experience we have come to expect from the brand.

Singapore Tourism Board

custom red packet designs

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is here to celebrate the Lunar New Year with their child-friendly mascots – Merli and friends! The adorable gang made up of Merli the mythical Merlion, Marina the Otter, Chomp Chomp the crocodile, Jewel the hornbill, and D65 the Durian-like UFO take centre stage on STB's red packet designs, reminding everyone of familiar Singaporean icons.

The Sunday Avenue

custom red packet designs

Who else is in love with this minimalist typography-based red packet done for The Sunday Avenue? In line with their modern brand of female apparel, our team came up with a custom red packet design with a fresh modern twist. Instead of traditional Chinese blessings, we opted for the same, just in English (for the millennials!)

Pssst, can you spot the hidden auspicious oranges which we have incorporated into the design?


red packet design

The company behind some of our favourite brands like Garena and Shopee is here to usher in the year of the Tiger with a roar! SEA’s full suite of red packet designs and CNY packaging (a sturdy doublet box and paper bag) comes with a gold foiled tiger emblem up front and centre to remind their clients to have a roaring good year ahead!


red packet designs

For Pixar Animation Studios' latest animated comedy film, Turning Red. Fans will absolutely swoon over this collectible red packet design set that gives you sneak peeks into the magical coming of age story of spunky 13-year-old Chinese Canadian female lead, Meilin “Mei” Lee.

Presented beautifully, frame by frame in the accordion-style box, you can display the full set of 5 red packets as though it’s like a storyboard.

In typical Pixar tradition, here’s an easter egg for you to spot in the design. Can you spot anything special in the intricate laser die-cut frame of the red packets?


red packet design

This set of red packet design and CNY packaging from Honda is kept purposefully simple and sleek, just like the cars from this popular automaker. Just as how reliability and quality are of topmost concern to the brand, the red packets are created with specially selected Handfeel paper and paired with matte foil stamping and Spot UV for that premium finish.


At Weio, we create to inspire!

Whether you are looking to boost your brand awareness or impress the crowd with a custom red packet design, we got it all covered! With over 30 high-quality paper materials to choose from and a variety of enhancement techniques, it is hard not to stand out!

What's even better? Weio is a gebiz registered vendor and has supported various government organizations across the board in print projects. Need inspiration for your brand’s CNY red packet designs? Drop us an email at today!

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