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A Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Red Packet Printing In Singapore

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Ready to bid 2020 goodbye and welcome a fresh start with 2021’s incoming lunar new year? Well, the new year is just around the corner!

When it comes to Chinese New Year celebrations, regardless if you are a young kid or in your golden years, you can bet that red packets or ang pows (also commonly known as hong baos) will be part and parcel of your festivities!

Likewise, for corporations and brands, red packets have traditionally been a creative way to enhance brand visibility and positive cultural associations during this auspicious season! From upping the ante with luxury corporate red packets to signalling environmentally friendly messages, companies and brands are using red packets in all sorts of creative ways to appeal to their target audience.

If you are looking to use red packets (with minimum order of 5000 pieces) as an innovative way to engage your clients and audience over the upcoming lunar new year, we have just the solution for you!


8 Simple Steps to Custom Corporate Red Packet Printing

We understand that ang pow printing can be a complex and hard to understand process.

At Weio, we want to change that perception and make the process transparent and easy to understand for corporations and brands like you.

Here is a simple guide in 8 simple steps to help you understand the ins and outs of corporate red packet printing in Singapore:

1. Shortlisting Designs and Concepts

3. Packaging and Presentation

4. Matching the Budget

5. Refining and Calibration

6. Creating a Mock-up & Seeking Approval

7. Commence Mass Production

8. Delivery and Distribution

Step 1: Shortlisting Designs and Concepts

Shortlisting designs and concepts can happen in 3 different ways depending on your needs:

Choose from Our Collection of Themed Red Packet Design Templates

Clueless about how to go about creating a custom red packet design for your brand? Not to worry, we have plenty of curated design templates you can choose from:

Contemporary – Collection of bright cheery illustrative designs that appeal to a younger crowd. Suitable for brands with younger clientele or looking for edgier or more millennial aesthetic.

Elegant – Feminine design visuals (e.g. florals, softer design elements and pastel palettes) that suit the female crowd. Suitable for brands with a predominant female clientele.

Timeless – Like the name suggests, a collection of classic designs that retain traditional cues with touches of modern updates. Suitable for brands with older clientele base.

Exquisite – Taking classic designs to the next level, with delicate details incorporate via laser die cuts, embroidery, or other intricate techniques. Great for prestige brands or established corporations looking to make a strong impression.

Choose from Our “Exclusive” Collection – Unique to You

If you are looking for something a little more unique, you can check out our

“Exclusive” collection. In this special collection, we offer uniquely designed one-time use templates. Once used, it will be taken off the collection so it will not be reused by another brand.

Create A Design from Scratch

Want to create something totally new from scratch? Our in-house designers can offer their expertise to come up with innovative red packet designs based on your creative brief.

Timing-wise, this step will tend to take long than the first two since it will likely require more iterations.

If you already has your own design ready, we can skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Picking Suitable Materials and Techniques

This is an absolutely critical step: the stage where we help the red packet design slowly materialize with a tangible choice of materials and printing techniques. Choose from our large assortment of fancy & textured papers with different thickness, textures, and printing results:

Some of the materials we carry are:

· Art paper – Comes in glossy or matt option. Works well with foil and coloured printing

· Soft Touch – Matte non shimmery paper with a unique smooth buttery touch

· Starlight – Matte shimmery paper with a variety of texture finishing options

· Silk paper – Premium shimmery fabric like textured paper – rough to the touch

· Hand feel paper – Non shimmery, matte paper type in deep red suitable for foil stamping

· And many more

Customize your design with our extensive range of ang pow printing techniques to elevate your designs:

· Foil Stamping – Available in a variety of colours from traditional gold to millennial rose gold

· Prism Stamping – Gives a colourful metallic finish to your designs

· Spot UV – Add subtle, “now you see it, now you don’t” design elements with spot UV

· Laser Die Cut – Intricate and detailed cut outs that add dimension to the red packet

· Embossing – Enhances the tactile experience

· And many more

However, unknown to most, different materials can accommodate only specific printing or design techniques. For example, if you want to have full colour printing with many different colours in your design, we will recommend only white base printable materials like Soft Touch, Starlight or Fabric paper instead of Silk paper or hand feel paper.

Hence, at this stage, based off your design, our in-house experts will recommend you the options of materials and techniques that you can use.

Step 3: Packaging & Presentation

Apart from the ang pows themselves, we also help design and create the packaging that they can be presented in.

Some of the common packaging & presentation types include:

· OPP pack: The most basic plastic wrap

· Envelope: A larger envelope to house multiple red packets

· Accordion Packaging: A retractable packaging that can house up to 8 nicely slotted ang pows

· Box Packaging: A sturdy packaging to house multiple ang pows

Depending on your branding needs and clientele type, you can choose to use more premium packaging options for an impactful impression.

Step 4: Matching the Budget

While we will be providing you with ballpark figures along the way, we can now better advise more accurate costs with the chosen materials, techniques, and packaging. If required, our advisors will help to recommend more affordable options that can help you achieve the closest effect you are looking for based on your budget accordingly.

It is also at this stage where final confirmation of the quotation is required.

Step 5: Refining & Calibration to Perfection

Upon confirmation, the team will help to further refine any other design changes prior to creating the mock-up. Any final feedback should be provided heresuch as changing the copy on the design, making changes to base color, adding additional design elements or logo etc.

Step 6: Creating A Mock-up and Seeking Approval (Approximately 2-3 weeks)

It is at this stage where you will see your designs onscreen come to life for the first time!

Before mass production, our team will create ONE physical mock-up for your approval.

This is the last chance to make any final tweaks before you go to mass production!

Step 7: Commence Mass Production (Approximately 4-6 weeks)

If everything looks good and as per your requirement, we will seek your approval and a 50% deposit of the invoiced amount to go into mass production.

Step 8: Delivery & Distribution

Congratulations! Your custom corporate red packets have been printed and are ready to make their way to you and your customers!

In this stage, we provide two options:

  1. Delivery to your corporate office or any one location (inclusive in total cost)

  2. For large corporations: Delivery and distribution to multiple business outlets across Singapore (at an additional fee)


When Should You Start Creating Your Custom Corporate Hong Baos?

Given that there are quite a few steps to the process, we usually recommend corporates and brands to start the creation process 3-5 months before the following year’s Chinese New Year period.

Here is a rough timeline for your planning reference:

· Design – Calibration Steps: 2 – 4 weeks

· Creating Mock-up: 2 – 3 weeks

· Mass Production: 4 – 6 weeks

· Receive Completed Red Packets: 1 month prior to CNY period to facilitate distribution to your clients.

Hot tip: Plan ahead so you can avoid the peak manufacturing period and rush for your collection.

Ready to Create 2021’s Corporate Ang Pows?

Want to learn more about how you can kickstart your red packet design process for the upcoming year? Interested to learn more about our offerings and past corporate projects?

Or want to take a peek at our collection of beautiful, themed designs?

Simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page to reach out to us.

Our team at Weio cannot wait to help you on your customization journey for 2021!

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