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At weio, we customize our calendars to suit your corporate needs. Experience a smooth sailing calendar creation process with in house designers and print production experts, who are always ready to provide guidance & support from design to print to distribution. 


Don't forget to check out our tips on planning for your customized calendars for a simple guide today



Want your brand's calendar to stand out among the others?
Its not that hard! Lets do something different this year. 

Below are some of many calendar customization options we offer:

Maison Ace 2021 Calendars.jpg

Exclusive Calendar Design

Create a calendar design that is unique to your brand & cannot be found anywhere else.

Weio Corporate | Calendar Printing | Singapore | Sticker Printing

Add on a Sticker Page

Colourful sticker designers to spice up your calendar and mark out important dates!

Weio Corporate | Calendar Printing | Singapore | Stand Printing

Custom Calendar Stand

Feature your company write up or important reference data for your audience!

My lustre 2023 Calendar.jpg

Postcard Calendars

Provide a series of picturesque ready-to send postcards along with the calendar

Gulf Chemical 2023 Calendar.jpg

Add on Post it notes

Spruce up your calendars with post it notes! This added function is often so well received

VIVO PRESS | Weio Corporate | Calendar Printing | Singapore | Packaging Box

Calendar Boxes & Envelops

Present your calendar in style by upgrading to box packaging that also protects the contents!


To create beautiful customised calendar concepts in the most hassle-free way

Choose from our in-house design deck and add on your logo. Simple as that!

Click in to see the calendar designs.

Have a dedicated designer create an exclusive calendar design for your brand. 
Engage us here!

Already have your own artwork?
Simply send us your requirements below and we would offer competitive rates to print.


We are inspired to create new unique & stunning calendar projects for our clients each year.

Below are some of the printed calendar works which we've produced over the past few years.

Do feel free to request a sample to review the actual material and quality.


Weio | Customized Red Packets Made in Singapore

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